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To Homeschool or Not?!

on January 21, 2012

We have been discussing homeschooling for some time in our family.  Our oldest daughter will be 5 in October.  She could start Kindergarten in the fall but she would be 17 going off to college and I am not crazy about that.  There are not many PreK options in our area and the more we discuss it the more it makes sense for us.  So, I have been researching, reading, trying things out and getting the most information so I can make our decision.  Below are some fun things I have found so far, as I decide on which curriculum I like best.

Currently, we are using a workbook that is really fun.  Each week there is a letter for the week and lots of fun activities related to the letter (coloring, cutting, gluing, etc.).  We have a board we put the activities on so our daughter can show off her work and so that we remember to use the letter all week.  On Mondays I take down her work so she can put it in her binder.   The workbook we are using can be found here.  It is nice because you just download the book and print it from your computer so you can use it immediately.

The Activity Board








The Letter and Color Binder






















A couple other activities we have found are from recommendations from friends.  The first one is from Oopsey Daisy.  This mom has created something called Mommy School.  There are a lot of ideas on her site and many packets to print out.  We have done the “I” packet and the “W” packet so far.  The second one is Over the Big Moon.  This mom has created Pre-K Packs with themes.  We are currently doing the Valentine’s Day Pack and there is a Dinosaur Pack we want to try next.  Here are a few pictures from the packets we have used.  Click on the names of the sites and you will be directed to their webpages so you can see all the amazing stuff!








Enjoying her packet!








I have created little workbooks for our daughter from these packs and from other websites.  It has taken some prep work but, it is so worth it.  She loves it, the TV is off a lot more, and I see her creativity come out!  I do want to get a color printer because a lot of the printables have color activities, plus most things like puzzles and sequence games could be laminated and used again in the future.

One More Thing…Curriculum

In searching for this Fall’s curriculum I have come across programs that I really like.  I am getting samples of them and then I will decide.  I am thinking in the end I will use a combination of a few programs to create our curriculum.

Here is what I have found:


Alpha Omega Publications

A Beka Book

And I found a great book:

100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

Have a great weekend!



4 responses to “To Homeschool or Not?!

  1. Norma says:

    Great resources in this article! Thanks for sharing, and please keep sharing great information.

    • Koke says:

      I am on my fourth year of ohneschoolimg our three children ages 15, 13 and 10. My favorite thing about ohneschoolimg is knowing that my children are building strong family ties and we are not so confined to someone elses schedule. My husband is a shift worker and sometimes has to travel away from home. So when he is here so are we. Everyday is a learning experience for them and also for myself as you really get to know each of your children. What works for one child may not work for another. Trial and error process.

  2. Alma Steans says:

    This is wonderful information as I think home schooling is the way to go if you have the time and
    inclination. And it seems that you have a good student in Vivian.

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