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Adorable, Touching and Controversial

on January 22, 2012

I enjoy football.  I enjoy a good football story.  I enjoy watching football with my sweet husband.  I really enjoy when something out of the ordinary happens while watching sports.  Something like Jesus being mentioned.  So, last weekend when we were watching the Broncos game a commercial came on that really caught my attention.  I was watching the game not thinking about much except the game when a commercial came on national television talking about John 3:16.  Little kids for 30 seconds recited John 3:16.  It was adorable, touching and controversial.  I personally thought it was pretty neat that in the middle of the game the commercial came on.  Here is an article on the commercial and here is the link to watch the YouTube video of the commercial if the video below does not work.

Also, this week something else caught my attention.  An article on the athlete Tim Tebow.  Yes, he plays football and that is a heated discussion in itself but, if you read more about him he is a pretty amazing guy.  Take football out of it and read how he touches so many lives.  Here is the article.

I also found another article as I was closing the webpage that linked to this article and it was good so I thought I would share.  Read the article here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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