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Hungry For Change

We are almost to the end of the week so I thought I would send on some good information for your health and the health of your family!











Food Matters is a great film that came out a few years ago.  The producers have just released their newest documentary Hungry For Change.  Right now you can watch the movie for free online until March 31st, 2012.  Here is the Hungry For Change movie link!  If you don’t get a chance to watch it before March 31st no worries you can order the DVD.  I get no compensation for sending out this post.  My goal in sending it out is to make others aware.  The food that is sold in mass quantities today is so unhealthy for us and all the disease that attacks peoples bodies is preventable by changing what we put in our mouth each day!  I am passionate about getting the word out to others about how they can make changes to their diet and lifestyle so they can live long, healthy lives!

Here are a few other books and resources that I enjoy regarding health and wellness:

Crazy Sexy LifeKris Carr has compiled a great website full of info plus she wrote Crazy Sexy Diet…a really great book that is so not a diet book but rather a health and wellness manual for life!  She is a cancer survivor and has also written other books that are filled with knowledge on health and wellness in regards to cancer.











Skinny Bitch – Two women who wrote a great book about becoming vegan and followed it up with several more really great books!  I read their first book Skinny Bitch and have started Skinny Bitch Bun in the Oven…they even have a book for men called Skinny Bastard.  Check out their site for a summary.











Forks Over Knives – A movie we recently watched full of information on The China Study, how it was done and other pioneers in the health and wellness revolution.











Brendan Brazier – He is an athlete that has done some amazing things.  I have used his book Thrive for a in depth reference and for recipes.











Food Rules – I have downloaded this book by Michale Pollan onto my Kindle, but I have yet to read it.  The chapter titles were humerous so if that says anything about the book I think I will enjoy it.  There were some reviews that this book is just a summary of another book he wrote but I rather enjoy a shorter book with the time constraints right now in life.











Natural News by the Health Ranger…a wealth of knowledge, research and up to date info on all things health.

David Wolfe – Health, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert…he really is a wealth of knowledge!

I hope you enjoy the information in this post and if I think of anything else I will share it in days to come.

***All pictures courtesy of Amazon.com

Have a great day!



Mommy Books and Quiet Time

Mommy Books and Quiet Time

When we took our kid-free getaway a few weeks ago I found two books that I use almost daily now.  60 Promises to Pray Over Your Children by Roy Lessin and 52 Things Kids Need From a Mom by Angela Thomas.  They are truly amazing books and have taught me many things about being a mom.

60 Promises to Pray Over Your Children is a devotional full of prayers.  They are the best prayers I have ever read to say over your children.  The author writes clearly and to the point.  Each day there is a scripture reading and a prayer for your children.  My favorite so far is Shield of Protection.  The author uses Psalm 3:3-5 and part of the prayer is:

“May Your encouragement be with them, Your hope be in them, and Your grace be upon them.  If they are burdened, lighten their load; if they are troubled, calm their storm; if they are discouraged, lift their spirits; if they are unsure, strengthen their faith; if they are weary, renew their strength;….”

I really love this book and plan on using it for many years to come!

52 Things Kids Need From a Mom has given me so many ideas of things I can do to show my kids I love them, accept them and .  Just this week my favorite tips were:

  • To Be Delayed, Rerouted, and Canceled with Poise.  I finished this chapter wondering a couple of things.  Do I handle inconveniences or rude people with poise?  How do my kids see me reacting during the day?
  • To Put Down the Phone.  This is pretty straight forward.  It left me questioning myself about when do I send that quick text or check email?!
  • To Miss a Few Things They Do Wrong.  This one was really good for me to read.  It is okay to not catch every little thing, every little look, or every little stomp away.  I would rather strive, as the author states, “To be a peacemaker instead of a perfectionist.”

My favorite part of this book so far is from the introduction when the author writes:

“Our children need on person on this earth who will love them fiercely, no matter what this life holds.  That task has been assigned to you and me.  So let us learn to love…” 

This book is one of my favorites and I recommend it to every mom out there!

I use the books above and the books I discuss below, along with my bible, during my quiet time that I try to get in each day.  During my quiet time I like to read a few devotionals and focus on a scripture reading.  Currently the scripture reading is from an Easter Devotional, Trail to the Tree, I am reading from Ann Voskamp.  Another devotional I use is Power of a Praying Wife Book of Prayers by Stormie Omartian.  The devotional has prayers in it that cover every topic imaginable that you can pray for your husband, His Fatherhood, His Work, His Temptations, His Relationships, His Past and many more!  Two of my favorite parts are:

“I leave any changing that needs to be done in Your hands, fully accepting that neither of us is perfect and never will be.”


“Make us a team, not pursuing separate, competitive, or independent lives, but working together, overlooking each other’s faults and weaknesses for the greater good of the marriage.”

I enjoy my quiet time each day, I look forward to it and it sure helps keep me grounded during the day.  On a good day I get it done before the house wakes up and feel like I start the day in step with the Lord.  On a crazy day I get it done at nap time or bedtime.  On a out of sync day I don’t get it done at all and miss it terribly.  Whatever time it gets done is great but I really do prefer the morning time best.

What I use during quiet time…






1000 Thanks

What a beautiful day!  The sun is out and the birds are chirping.  One of the trees in our backyard has bloomed and it is so beautiful!  Vivian painted a little bird feeder last week and it has been hanging on the tree.  We have not seen any birds feeding from it yet…hopefully we do.  I am thinking maybe the bright colors are not that inviting, but we will keep looking and maybe one day we will catch a bird or two.










See the little orange thing hanging from the tree?  That is the bird feeder!









She is so proud of her little bird feeder!

The wonderful day and the beautiful tree I shall add to my thankful list.

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.  Colossians 4:2 NIV

The thankful list I keep is part of the Joy Dare that Ann Voskamp has going at A Holy Experience blog.  The list is based on her book One Thousand Gifts.  She explains it perfectly on her blog as this:

This crazy Joy Dare to do it all over again because I need it, to make this the habit before all the other habits — the joy habit — and count a full 1000 gifts in 2012. He deserves all my thanks and it’s impossible to give thanks and simultaneously feel fear. Woman with the soul amnesia — she keeps remembering and needing to remember again.

Just three gifts a day.

The whole earth is full of His glory.

By the end of the year if I write down three things per day that I am thankful for I should have 1000!  It really has opened my eyes and drawn me closer to Him.  On days when things are wonderful it is so easy to write down words on the lines.  On days when the day goes horribly and I want a “do over” it is hard to write down those words but it challenges me to see the gifts even in the muck.  I am enjoying the dare and look forward to taking the moments to show thanks to God for all he blesses us with.

Each month Ann shares a Joy Dare sheet which I have shown here behind my 1000 gifts notebook.

Off to the park it is too nice to stay inside!


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Leavin’ on a Jet Plane…

We headed West for a few days of work for my husband and relax time for me.  We decided we needed one trip away before the baby arrives.  It was wonderful I got some time with my man and I enjoyed doing things I wanted.  No laundry, no cooking, no real appointments just a break!

Sunny and mostly blue skies were so welcoming!









I went to yoga at Belly Bliss…a wonderful place for mommies!









I talked my husband into driving me to the Fancy Tiger, a craft store I found.  I made a deal 30 minutes and I would be done.  I took every last second of those 30 minutes and I would fly back tomorrow to browse the fabric again!  I picked up some fabric for projects I am thinking of doing and I got some new yarn for a cowl I want to knit.

































I squeezed in a relaxing meal at the local Whole Foods with a magazine and yummy Kale and White Bean Soup.  I had a much-needed salon appointment for my toes and hair and I enjoyed two visits with some old pals.  It was a wonderful trip…just what this mommy needed!


A Day of Fun!

I woke up today not sure what the day would hold.  The kids are sick and the to do list is longer than ever.  Well, it ended up being a wonderful day filled with no plans, sunshine, laughs, snotty noses and FUN!

Once the kids were up and fed we had the itch to get outside.  It was so sunny and we were not going to miss it!

We went to the park for the first time this year!  As I put Vivian to bed tonight I asked her what her favorite part of the day was and she said the park!





















Then we headed home to put on t-shirts for Vivian and I…it was way too warm for long sleeves.  New sandals awaited us on the doorstep, so everyone had to get those on too!

















After lunch it was nap time for the twins and back outside for Vivian and I.  She has been asking to golf everyday for about a month so today was the day she could swing away!











I ended the day with a milestone for myself as a mommy.  I did my first load of laundry for our son.  Each time I have done the first load of laundry for the baby or babies on the way I get excited and almost giddy then I realize I am excited about laundry…I know it sounds crazy but folding those little items for the first time each pregnancy just reminds me that the time is near!  It was so great to see a bunch of blue things that needed to be folded.  I am sure this is one of the many loads to fold over the years for our little guy!









I am also working on items for a Busy Bag exchange I am doing with other moms from the meet-up that we joined.  I am doing Color Wheels and Felt Cupcakes.  I realized they are time consuming to make but so worth it.  I am excited to see how the kids do with them once we do the exchange.  I will share pictures when they are all completed and give more details on how our exchange worked.

Painting clothespins for the Color Wheel.









This is random, I had this Coconut Water today and it hands down the best one I have tried.  I loved it!  I bought it because the one I normally buy was out of stock at the store.  I have a new favorite!  In case you are not aware there are so many health benefits from drinking coconut water.  Here is a great link about it.  I also found a great link on why pregnant women should drink coconut water.











Blessings to you!



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Soup is a family affair…
















I wanted to make this wonderful soup that I had while on our getaway last week.  I decided to make it while the twins were awake…  I have learned to put only plastic things within reach and to move very quickly so that I can get what I need done and they don’t unload the entire fridge.  The soup I had on our trip was Kale and White Bean at a Whole Foods.  I searched the Whole Foods site and did not find a recipe like the one I tasted so I ventured into a search online.  I came across a wonderful version of the soup at The Clean Eating Mama and adapted it to my liking.  This is what I made up:


Kale & White Bean Soup








1 T coconut oil

chopped onions

4 cups veggie broth and 2 cups water

2 cans of white beans drained

1 can of diced tomatoes

2 carrots diced

2 cups peas

2 T basil

2 T parsley

1/2 T chipolte chili pepper powder (Omit if you don’t like spice…this sure added some zing!)

1 bunch of kale chopped, most of the stems removed


In a large pot heat the oil and onions until the onions are translucent.  Add the carrots and peas let them cook for a few minutes.  Add the broth, water, beans, tomatoes, basil, parsley and chipolte chili pepper.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat add kale and let the soup simmer for 20-30 minutes.
















The end result was a very flavorful yummy soup.  When I make a bowl up for myself I add some cooked quinoa to the bowl and then top with the soup.  This adds to the great flavor and quinoa is such a wonderful grain.




Lent & Craft Update

Hello!  Well we have survived the stomach flu and now the girls are in the midst of ear infections and coughs that need steroids.  So, I bring you pictures and updates that I meant to post last week!



In all of life’s craziness I have been really trying to get in some good reading for Lent.  I found a wonderful devotional from Ann Voskamp author of One Thousand Gifts, called A Trail to the Tree.  You can download it right from her blog and start using it today!  The scripture, the writings, the pictures are all so wonderful.  It has definitely led my quiet time during this Lenten season.  Another book I found through Ann is Devotions for Lent.  I downloaded it to my Kindle and I use the readings each week.  One other very helpful link I found is Rachel Held Evans 40 Ideas for Lent.  She covers everything from books and scripture meditations along with questions to ponder.


My favorite scripture so far that I have come across in my readings about Lent is Psalm 51.  I read it and just picture David on his knees repenting and asking for forgiveness.

v. 1-2  Have mercy on me, O God, because of your unfailing love.  Because of your great compassion, blot out the stain of my sins.  Wash me clean from my guilt.  Purify me from my sin.


v. 7  Purify me from my sins,and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.


v. 17  The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit.  You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God.

This just speaks to me and brings to the surface the thing I think I forget to do the most.  Repent, get on my knees, ask for forgiveness and really deal with the emotion that comes from the remorse of sin.  How can I start new and fresh each day if I have not asked for forgiveness from the past misdoings?  Plus, the freedom that is given as forgiveness enters and sadness, regret, shame and remorse flee.



We had a fun time doing all the Dr Seuss Birthday crafts.

Cat in the Hat Pizza.
















Making a fishbowl.









Painting our own hats.























Playing games.



















Between all the sick going on in our house my hubby and I jetted off on a 4 day work trip for him.  I enjoyed some me time and saw some old friends…it will all be in the next post!  Also, I found two really great books for moms…they are really wonderful and I will share more about them.








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Yoga and Dr. Seuss











I have achy hips, a sore lower back and just feel like I need to stretch!  So, today while everyone was napping I pulled out my yoga mat and grabbed a couple of great books to guide me as I did a little yoga.  It worked wonders!  My pregnant body is thanking me for taking the time to stretch, elongate and breathe deep!

Meditations from the Mat is a book of short daily reflections that you can use as part of your practice.  I use the book two ways, sometimes I read the daily reading before I begin my practice to calm my mind.  Sometimes, I use it after so I can ponder what I have read as I go about daily tasks.  OM Yoga gives a yoga sequence for each day of the week.  If I am looking for something to follow this a good go to book.  Namaste’!









Dr. Seuss








Dr. Seuss will be the topic of conversation in our home tomorrow because, March 2nd is his birthday.  Big V knows this and she is excited to do some fun activities based on the books we have.  Below are links for ideas if your kids are into Dr. Seuss.








On a side note…Oh, the Places You’ll Go!…is a wonderful book.  I received this book when I graduated from high school from my AP English teacher.  It is a great gift especially for a big transition time like graduation.  The next time you are at the bookstore take a moment to read it.  Not only is it for kids it is a great book to read and laugh as things change in your adult life.  I know silly to recommend it but truly a cute book for ALL ages!


Dr. Seuss Hat Craft

Dr. Seuss Hat Game

S is for Seuss (Mommy School Unit) from Oopsey Daisy

Cat in the Hat Craft Ideas

Have a wonderful day!

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Sewing on My Singer Stylist

It is out of the box, I have played with all the bells and whistles and I broke it in by making some fun things for the kids!  Thank you, to my sweet husband for my new sewing machine!  I love it!








I made Big V an adorable purple skirt from Infarrantly Creative.  I thought it was pretty great that I could complete it in one night and surprise her with it the next morning!  She wore it this week with leggings and I have to say it was pretty cute!  She requested another one, this time pink, and it is half way done.  I had to stop sewing so I could catch up on some posts here!








I also made some cute burp cloths for our little guy that will arrive in May.  They were easy and turned out pretty cute.  I found them through Pintrest at A Bit of This and Bit of That, which linked me to A Chelsea Morning for the tutorial.

Ready to cut material, wash everything and then iron all pieces.








Everything is cut, washed, ironed, now time to sew.










The finished product.  Very easy to make and fun!









Tomorrow’s birthday: Dr. Seuss

This I have learned is a big deal with preschoolers…so tomorrow’s post will be all things Dr. Seuss!


Blessings to you!




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