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Yoga and Dr. Seuss

on March 2, 2012











I have achy hips, a sore lower back and just feel like I need to stretch!  So, today while everyone was napping I pulled out my yoga mat and grabbed a couple of great books to guide me as I did a little yoga.  It worked wonders!  My pregnant body is thanking me for taking the time to stretch, elongate and breathe deep!

Meditations from the Mat is a book of short daily reflections that you can use as part of your practice.  I use the book two ways, sometimes I read the daily reading before I begin my practice to calm my mind.  Sometimes, I use it after so I can ponder what I have read as I go about daily tasks.  OM Yoga gives a yoga sequence for each day of the week.  If I am looking for something to follow this a good go to book.  Namaste’!









Dr. Seuss








Dr. Seuss will be the topic of conversation in our home tomorrow because, March 2nd is his birthday.  Big V knows this and she is excited to do some fun activities based on the books we have.  Below are links for ideas if your kids are into Dr. Seuss.








On a side note…Oh, the Places You’ll Go!…is a wonderful book.  I received this book when I graduated from high school from my AP English teacher.  It is a great gift especially for a big transition time like graduation.  The next time you are at the bookstore take a moment to read it.  Not only is it for kids it is a great book to read and laugh as things change in your adult life.  I know silly to recommend it but truly a cute book for ALL ages!


Dr. Seuss Hat Craft

Dr. Seuss Hat Game

S is for Seuss (Mommy School Unit) from Oopsey Daisy

Cat in the Hat Craft Ideas

Have a wonderful day!


One response to “Yoga and Dr. Seuss

  1. Rose says:

    Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

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