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A Day of Fun!

on March 15, 2012

I woke up today not sure what the day would hold.  The kids are sick and the to do list is longer than ever.  Well, it ended up being a wonderful day filled with no plans, sunshine, laughs, snotty noses and FUN!

Once the kids were up and fed we had the itch to get outside.  It was so sunny and we were not going to miss it!

We went to the park for the first time this year!  As I put Vivian to bed tonight I asked her what her favorite part of the day was and she said the park!





















Then we headed home to put on t-shirts for Vivian and I…it was way too warm for long sleeves.  New sandals awaited us on the doorstep, so everyone had to get those on too!

















After lunch it was nap time for the twins and back outside for Vivian and I.  She has been asking to golf everyday for about a month so today was the day she could swing away!











I ended the day with a milestone for myself as a mommy.  I did my first load of laundry for our son.  Each time I have done the first load of laundry for the baby or babies on the way I get excited and almost giddy then I realize I am excited about laundry…I know it sounds crazy but folding those little items for the first time each pregnancy just reminds me that the time is near!  It was so great to see a bunch of blue things that needed to be folded.  I am sure this is one of the many loads to fold over the years for our little guy!









I am also working on items for a Busy Bag exchange I am doing with other moms from the meet-up that we joined.  I am doing Color Wheels and Felt Cupcakes.  I realized they are time consuming to make but so worth it.  I am excited to see how the kids do with them once we do the exchange.  I will share pictures when they are all completed and give more details on how our exchange worked.

Painting clothespins for the Color Wheel.









This is random, I had this Coconut Water today and it hands down the best one I have tried.  I loved it!  I bought it because the one I normally buy was out of stock at the store.  I have a new favorite!  In case you are not aware there are so many health benefits from drinking coconut water.  Here is a great link about it.  I also found a great link on why pregnant women should drink coconut water.











Blessings to you!




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