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Mommy Books and Quiet Time

on March 27, 2012

Mommy Books and Quiet Time

When we took our kid-free getaway a few weeks ago I found two books that I use almost daily now.  60 Promises to Pray Over Your Children by Roy Lessin and 52 Things Kids Need From a Mom by Angela Thomas.  They are truly amazing books and have taught me many things about being a mom.

60 Promises to Pray Over Your Children is a devotional full of prayers.  They are the best prayers I have ever read to say over your children.  The author writes clearly and to the point.  Each day there is a scripture reading and a prayer for your children.  My favorite so far is Shield of Protection.  The author uses Psalm 3:3-5 and part of the prayer is:

“May Your encouragement be with them, Your hope be in them, and Your grace be upon them.  If they are burdened, lighten their load; if they are troubled, calm their storm; if they are discouraged, lift their spirits; if they are unsure, strengthen their faith; if they are weary, renew their strength;….”

I really love this book and plan on using it for many years to come!

52 Things Kids Need From a Mom has given me so many ideas of things I can do to show my kids I love them, accept them and .  Just this week my favorite tips were:

  • To Be Delayed, Rerouted, and Canceled with Poise.  I finished this chapter wondering a couple of things.  Do I handle inconveniences or rude people with poise?  How do my kids see me reacting during the day?
  • To Put Down the Phone.  This is pretty straight forward.  It left me questioning myself about when do I send that quick text or check email?!
  • To Miss a Few Things They Do Wrong.  This one was really good for me to read.  It is okay to not catch every little thing, every little look, or every little stomp away.  I would rather strive, as the author states, “To be a peacemaker instead of a perfectionist.”

My favorite part of this book so far is from the introduction when the author writes:

“Our children need on person on this earth who will love them fiercely, no matter what this life holds.  That task has been assigned to you and me.  So let us learn to love…” 

This book is one of my favorites and I recommend it to every mom out there!

I use the books above and the books I discuss below, along with my bible, during my quiet time that I try to get in each day.  During my quiet time I like to read a few devotionals and focus on a scripture reading.  Currently the scripture reading is from an Easter Devotional, Trail to the Tree, I am reading from Ann Voskamp.  Another devotional I use is Power of a Praying Wife Book of Prayers by Stormie Omartian.  The devotional has prayers in it that cover every topic imaginable that you can pray for your husband, His Fatherhood, His Work, His Temptations, His Relationships, His Past and many more!  Two of my favorite parts are:

“I leave any changing that needs to be done in Your hands, fully accepting that neither of us is perfect and never will be.”


“Make us a team, not pursuing separate, competitive, or independent lives, but working together, overlooking each other’s faults and weaknesses for the greater good of the marriage.”

I enjoy my quiet time each day, I look forward to it and it sure helps keep me grounded during the day.  On a good day I get it done before the house wakes up and feel like I start the day in step with the Lord.  On a crazy day I get it done at nap time or bedtime.  On a out of sync day I don’t get it done at all and miss it terribly.  Whatever time it gets done is great but I really do prefer the morning time best.

What I use during quiet time…






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  1. Rose says:

    Wow Marisa!! You are truly an inspiration!!

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