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Easter and Personal Paradise

on April 2, 2012

Happy Monday! Hope your week is getting off to a blessed start. It is Holy Week and a great week to ponder The Story of the Cross. We are planning on picking the book up from the library tonight so we can talk about what Easter is besides egg hunts, jelly beans, and chocolate bunnies.










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I read this over the weekend and wanted to share… The excerpt is from Dr. Christiane Northrup’s blog. The article specifically can be linked to here.

“I have pretty much quelled my excess sugar cravings over the years by focusing on LOTS of activities that bring sweetness into my life in other ways besides eating sugar. This includes dancing tango in close embrace, listening to good music, de-cluttering my house, doing work I love, and taking long baths while reading good novels or looking out the window at the river. I have created a personal paradise for myself. This process has taken a lifetime…”

What a great way to change a not so healthy habit. Adding more sweetness to life…I like the sound of that!



We are going to try out first lapbook this week. The theme is “Going to the Grocery Store”. I found the info at Homeschool Share. The lessons revolve around three books that you read during the week and then you follow-up with activities that include an array of topics. This theme combines color sorting, finding shapes, beginning math and an introduction to money. Vivian is excited…I will post how it goes!



I decided our little guy needs a baby hat so I am going to attempt to knit it…hopefully I can get it done before he arrives!

Here is the link at Fun Knits Free Patterns of the hat I am going to make!


Have a great week!




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