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Quilting, Black Bean Burgers and more…

on April 25, 2012

Scripture of the Day:

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Pray without ceasing.KJV

Pray continually. NIV

Keep on praying. NLT

I read a devotional today on praying throughout the day…while driving, before a meeting, while folding laundry, walking into the grocery store, after a meeting…all through the day.  I tried it for an hour and things were busy and I forgot…it is a tough challenge!  I hate to admit it but I failed at keeping my focus on him during my tasks of the day.  I love challenges so I am challenging myself to do this the rest of today and tomorrow and see how it goes.  Won’t you join me?!  I will let you know how it goes!  The prayers don’t have to be specific they can be about anything that comes up.  A few examples: If a worry pops into your head give it up to Him.  If you find yourself stressed and upset about something pray that the solution may be revealed to you.  If you are just happy and having a good day say a prayer of thanks.


I am anxiously awaiting fabric that should be arriving in the mail any day.  I have decided on a cute little ribbon blanket from Moda Bake Shop and a Charm Pack Baby Quilt by Diary of a Quilter.

Am I going to take a quilting class…No, I don’t have the time.  I am going to just dive in and see what happens!  I did find a lot of tutorials online and I love this Beginner Quilting Series from Diary of a Quilter.  Hopefully I can get both done before our little guy decides to arrive…4 weeks away!

Fabric Charm Packs



















I made these black bean burgers the other day and the family liked them.  The recipe is pretty simple but takes some prep.  I make the sweet potatoes and quinoa the night before so when I want to make the burgers all the ingredients are ready.  The next time I make them I am going to triple the recipe so I have some to freeze for future meals.  One note on the recipe is: I did increase the time for cooking to 1 hour, 30 minutes each side for crispier burgers.  Cooking them the time in the recipe left them too soggy and they were falling apart so I decided to cook them longer.


I finished the two hats for our little guy over the weekend!  They were pretty easy and I got the double pointed needles out which I have not done in years!  I also pulled up a couple tutorials on how to make a pom pom for the top.

This hat was knitted on straight needles and then I sewed the seam.  The pattern can be found here.  This hat is definitely a newborn hat and will fit our little one right away.









This hat was knitted in the round and then I transferred it to double pointed needles to finish the crown.  The pattern can be found here.  I also added a pom pom to the top because the crown was not as neat as I would have liked I used two different tutorials for this because I was confused!  The tutorial for an adult hat pom pom is here and the tutorial for a baby hat pom pom is here.  This hat ended up a little bigger than I wanted so it will be ready for him to wear this winter.










Daddy and Vivian had a fun date this past weekend so I took the little ones out for some fresh air.  They love their new tricycles.








Amelia decided to push Sylvie instead of ride.








Sylvie was not getting off that bike no matter what.  She loves to wear her helmet and push her way along.  Amelia wanted to investigate each rock and the marks on the sidewalk.  I love how different they are!










  • Love Gypsy Mama’s posts of lists…List for Mother’s DayList to Encourage New Moms
  • Enjoyed this post on not saying sorry for your child’s behavior…very insightful!
  • I think this ruffle tote is adorable.  She also gives directions on how to sew the ruffles on instead of glue them.  This is going on my “To Make” list…I am going to try the sewing version.


Have a wonderful day!




One response to “Quilting, Black Bean Burgers and more…

  1. SpartyGirl29 says:

    Love the black bean burger idea and also the hat for the little man!!! Pics of the twins melted my heart! What a good Mama you are!

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