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Happenings & Updates

on May 4, 2012


Things are winding down as we wait for our baby boy to arrive and my nesting phase is slowing down.  The hospital bag has been packed, the car seat is ready to go, the garage has been cleaned out, most closets have been organized, and his room is ready except for pictures, which should be hung this weekend.  I have also decided in my nesting craze to change out our nightstands and add a couple of pictures to our bedroom.

Sewing Update:

I finished up the ribbon blanket last night and hopefully this weekend I can make two matching blocks.  A very creative and dear friend of mine mentioned I should put a bell inside the blocks to make noise.  I think that is a wonderful idea so I will pick some of those up.  The quilt is next up on the list and my goal is to get at least the front of the quilt done before he makes an appearance…if not my Plan B is to have it done by Christmas time!

Squares laid out from Moda, Circa 1934, Charm Pack.  Time to sew!








Finished front of ribbon blanket.








The back is a soft black minky dot fabric.









Book Update:

Our next book club is toward the end of this month and I am hosting.  I am excited to have everyone over and enjoy one last evening with friends before life gets a little more busy.  The book we are reading is The Paris Wife by Paula McLain.  I started it this past weekend and I am enjoying it.  The storyline is good and it seems to be a quick read so far.











I am doing a bible study by Renee Swope based on her book A Confident Heart.  Each week you read a chapter and she writes a blog post about the chapter.  The reading is easy and the scripture she brings up in the book is great.  My favorites so far are Jeremiah 17:7 and Isaiah 49:23.

Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence. NLT

…Those who hope in me will not be disappointed. NIV











iPhone/iPad Apps post will be out in the next few days!




4 responses to “Happenings & Updates

  1. Absolutely love the ribbon blanket! You’ve made me want to shut myself in a room with a sewing machine and a frappuccino.

  2. SpartyGirl29 says:

    The bible study is going great on my end too! So much inspiration!!!

  3. […] have yet to make the ribbon blocks but hopefully this week I can get to […]

  4. […] finished the ribbon blocks that match the ribbon blanket and the little bells inside sound so […]

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