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Cloth Diapers

on May 5, 2012

I thought I would never use cloth diapers…I did use gDiapers on our twin girls for a while because I was curious about cloth diapers and figured that would be a way to ease into it.  The gDiapers were short-lived because then we moved and I could not get the hang of it and gave up with all the packing and unpacking of boxes.  Now this time around I was getting all the baby stuff out and I got a couple of emails about cloth diapers and I was curious again.

Sylvie and Amelia are both still in diapers, using about 6-8 diapers a day.  So, that is 12-16 diapers for the twins and then another estimated 12 per day for a newborn for a grand total of 24-28 diapers in one day.  That bothers me that I am contributing that much to landfills.  Yes, I could potty train the girls, but they are not two yet and with a newborn potty training two does not sound fun.  Vivian and I have been talking about recycling a lot lately.  She comes with me when I take things to the recycle center and many times as I toss something in the garbage, besides food scraps, that our recycling center does not take she asks me with huge eyes, “Mommy is that going into the ground?”  I know some may think I am crazy, but if I don’t try it I will always wonder could I have used cloth diapers?  If things go well with our baby boy I may try the girls in them also.  We will be working on potty training them at some point but until then it might work…will see!

Our current daily stack of disposable diapers.  The two on top are night-time diapers so they don’t leak through.








What our daily stack would look like with three in disposable diapers.








I started doing a lot of research, reading anything I could find on how to cloth diaper, the easiest diapers to use, how to clean them, using a diaper service versus no diaper service…and the list goes on.  I asked for help from a friend who has cloth diapered both of her girls and what a wealth of knowledge she was!  So, this week my stash of cloth diapers, accessories and detergent should arrive from Sweetbottoms Baby.  I am excited, nervous and looking forward to it.  I have a pack of newborn diapers in the nursery for the very beginning when the grandma’s are here and we are getting into the swing of things with a new little one but after that I am planning on going for it.

A new diaper cream!  I came across this in the research that I did.  I have used coconut oil in the kitchen for years but never did I think about using it for a diaper cream.  Sylvie has the most sensitive skin and needs a barrier most times she has a diaper on.  I have started using coconut oil this past week and I see a big difference.  I bought a tub of it and just keep it with their diapers.  The only thing is I wish I could make it into a tube like a glue stick…it would make applying it so much easier and less messy.  If you don’t know coconut oil melts like butter, so you literally melt it on their bottom.  Their body heat is enough to take it from a solid to a liquid.









Some websites and articles I have used so far for research and purchases are:

Sweetbottoms Baby

Green Mountain Diapers

7 Steps For the Cloth Diapering Newbie

Cloth Diaper Review: What’s the Best Cloth For You?

Simple Mom


Benefits of Cloth Diapering

I will post a picture showing all the goods once they arrive.  Also, I will let you know how it is working and what I find works best for our family…stay tuned!


Have a great day!



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