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Thankful for the Little Blessings

on May 9, 2012

Today is one of those days where you take a deep breath and think all is good.  The sun is out, things are going good and there is a sense of peace.  I like to think of these things as little blessings.  I once read in a book the author called them God Breezes, those moments of peace and contentment as you notice little blessings.

The scripture for the week from the study of A Confident Heart by Renee Swope is:

“Satisfy [me] in the morning with your unfailing love, that [I] may sing for joy and be glad all [my] days…for I have put my trust in you.” Psalm 90:14, 143:8b, NIV

The printable is so cute I had to share.  Find it here.  I am enjoying reading the book, Chapter 3 was filled with great points.









Our Little Blessings This Week:

The weather has been beautiful the last two days and just that is enough.








A wonderful surprise today…Daddy came home to have lunch with his girls.  It was fun watching them dance in the living room and then all sit at the table together.

Enjoying our time outside has been fun unless each little one wants to head in a different direction.





















Vivian and I put the pack and play bassinet up in our room this week.  Since then she has become a little mom.  Her day literally revolves around this little baby doll named JJ.  Last night I showed her how to put a diaper on her little baby before bed and she told me to wake her up if her baby cried.  Yes, the baby is sleeping in the pack and play in our room.  This morning as she was eating breakfast she was also feeding her baby in the highchair.  Today for lunch she had to wait until the highchairs were not being used by the twins and then she fed her baby.  I tried to get her to eat lunch but she said after she put her baby down for a nap.  The funny thing is I sit at the table and feed the twins like she did this morning for breakfast and I usually eat lunch after I get the twins down for a nap.  It has been really fun to watch.  Oh and yes it is JJ’s birthday tomorrow so we are having a little birthday party for her.












I have yet to make the ribbon blocks but hopefully this week I can get to them.

Part of my order from Sweetbottoms Baby arrived this week!  Waiting on the fitted diapers, but everything else is here!








6 diaper covers on the left, bag of detergent that smells amazing, green bag is the wet bag for dirty diapers when out and about, white bag is the diaper pail liner.









Have a great day and enjoy all the little blessings!



One response to “Thankful for the Little Blessings

  1. Alma Steans says:

    Thanks for the up-dates Marisa ~ especially the pics – scriptures and blessings. Good job.

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