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A New Normal

on December 4, 2012

Hi!  It’s been awhile…I have not had many moments to spare but miss blogging, so I am carving out some time while something piles up around here, lately those piles have been lots of laundry!













There are so many times in the last few months I have wanted to jump on here and post something I read or something I saw that I wanted to share.  It ends up being a fleeting thought and someone needs mom.  So, I decided posts don’t need to be super long all the time.  Instead they can be shorter and more specific so I can post more times…to sum it up less but more.



Since adding our little Axel in May things have been different around here.  Yes busy days filled with kid, toddler and baby things but I just could not put “it” into words.  Over the last month I have read the phrase “A New Normal” so many times that now I think I have found words for “it”.  The first time I read the phrase I had a moment where I thought that is it we have a new normal.  Not we are super busy, not things are so hectic but rather this is our new normal.  Yes, hectic for one not use to having kids running around, or three kids in diapers, or four kids that all want to sit on the same lap all at once, but normal for us as we move along this journey in life.  I could call it crazy but I would rather call it our new normal.  I love our new normal even on the days when things get tornado-ish around here!













Working on a super quick sewing project, the infinity scarf.  I made a few this week for my sister and want to make more!  There are lots of patterns and tutorials out there used this pattern to get going but I have since altered by adding my own touches.













The Happiness Project is a great book I am reading…Thanks Corey for the recommendation!  I am really enjoying this quick read.  The author is not unhappy she just feels she is not living the happiest life possible.  Some very insightful conversations and she has done her research too!























3 responses to “A New Normal

  1. Kevin Ramsier says:

    Sweet post!

    Kevin L. Ramsier (407)-432-8116


  2. Alma says:

    Glad to hear that you have found a new normal Marisa. Sounds like you have everything
    under control and that’s not easy when you have three little ones that want to sit on your lap
    at the same time. Love, grams

  3. You’re the 2nd person who has mentioned The Happiness Project. I might have to check it out!

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