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13 Ways to Make a Fresh Start

on January 3, 2013

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I came across this list at Chasing Blue Skies where Kristen shares how to get a Fresh Start in 2013.  Well, I love fresh starts so my first thought was to do each of these 13 things and my second thought was to share what happens as I journey through these 13 things.

Here I go, won’t you join me?!

13 Ways to Get a Fresh Start in 2013

1. Buy a new journal with good, stiff pages. Use it.

2. Count and record all the ways God loves you.

3. Invest in “The Do What You Can” Plan ebook by the world’s bona fide best cheerleader, Holley Gerth.

4. Give yourself time. Fresh starts are about quality, not quantity.

5. Refresh your soul.

6. Walk through a fear and do something amazing.

7. Uncross your arms and wrap them around somebody.

8. Buy flowers for yourself.

9. Write a letter, send a card.

10.  See how a changed heart can lead to a changed life.

11. Clean out a closet {oh, how mine is beyond desperate}.

12. Grab your camera or a loved one {or both} and take a walk.

13. Remember God gives unlimited do-overs and gets the final say.


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