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Running Favorites!

I am training for a half marathon and I have come across a few things that are working for me and wanted to share.  Before I tell you about my favorites know that lacing up my shoes and hitting the pavement is great without these extras, but since I am logging some miles I thought trying new things would be fun!  A few of them have become my favorites!

Run Training Pro:  This is an iPhone app that tracks your mileage, plays music from your playlists, gives pace and has a calendar to track it all.  I used this before I got the Nike+ watch and I still use it on some days when I forget my watch.

Nike+ watch: I am really enjoying this watch.  It tracks my miles and pace then I plug it into my computer and it downloads the runs so I can see the distance I have gone over the last month and week.












Audible.com: I decided for long runs getting lost in a book might be something to try.  Well the first time I used this I did not want to stop running because I wanted to know what happened next in the book!  I thought maybe my pace would slow down but it stayed pretty consistent…this may be a no-no for some runners but I don’t mind multitasking!

Pandora: If I want just music for my run I have been enjoying Running Music Radio station on Pandora.

Happy Running!


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31 Days of Forgiveness and Giveaway!!!


Tracie Stier-Johnson has written a wonderful book about forgiveness.  31 Day of Forgiveness {through the eyes of grace} was a blessing to read and I wanted to share the link with you!  It releases today…this book is filled with wisdom, scripture, stories and thought-provoking questions.  On many pages I had to pause and really think about what Tracie wrote.  I thought I had forgiving others and grace figured out…Tracie shed new light on the topic for me!  She dives into the details and depth of forgiveness and grace.  I was not sure what I would glean from the book but after reading it I can say some of the things I did learn I think about on a daily basis with marriage, parenting and day-to-day activities.  Enjoy the Kindle version of her book FREE on Amazon.com until 12am Saturday morning.


Tracie has been so generous to have a Free Giveaway to those that leave a comment and share the news of the book release.  The prizes include: Hardcopy of 31 Days of ForgivenessDaySpring notepad set, and an owl pillow from Button Bird Designs.

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment here on my blog.  To be entered again post on FB, Twitter, Instagram or on your own blog and leave that in my comments too!  You can link to my webpage or directly to the amazon.com store page.  The giveaway will be open until Friday night.  I will contact the winner via email so I can get your address and get your prize to you.  Good Luck and share the news!

Blessings to you!



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