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Books and a Vacuum

on May 6, 2013

Over the winter I enjoyed some good books.  I listened to a few with Audible.com and read a few.  They all were pretty good, kept my attention and left me thinking for a bit.  Here they are:












Beautiful Ruins I read for book club.  I enjoyed all the intertwining story-lines and would love to see this as a movie.  I would maybe read it again if I was on a beach in Italy relaxing and listening to the waves roll in.

Stories I Only Tell My Friends was good.  I listened to it while I ran in training for the half marathon I ran.  It took me about 3 weeks of runs to get through it.  Kept my attention and pretty neat things the actor went through as he made his way through his career.

A Week in Winter is like Beautiful Ruins with intertwining story-lines.  Most of the characters in the book are staying at a bed and breakfast place and it shows how they all got there.  Everyone has their own story filled with drama, interesting twists and questions.  I have about two chapters left of this and I am anxious to see how it ends!












Sparkly Green Earrings is a memoir from a complete motherhood perspective…I have laughed out loud a couple times while reading this.  Quick read and relatable.












The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy I found on Instagram when someone posted about it. One of the reasons I love IG…you can find some of the neatest things on there as people share pictures.  I have been wanting to look into using essential oils for AJ (digestion issue she has had since birth) so when I saw the book pop up in the IG feed I bought it.  I really am enjoying using the book, there is such a wealth of knowledge and good information.  I have bought some wonderful oils from Mountain Rose Herbs.  They are really great quality and the other products they offer besides oils are really amazing.























So yes I am going to blog about a vacuum…one of the main reasons I enjoy doing the blog is to share what is making life a bit easier for us in hopes that it helps make someone else’s life a bit easier too!  Yes, I am adding it to my favorites page.

The Vacuum…Ergorapido by Electrolux…This thing is a huge help around the house.  I don’t have to haul out the huge vacuum to clean up after my crew and the floor seems to stay cleaner because I use it more often because of its ease.  I love that it’s cordless, there is a base it sits on in our laundry room.  Oh yeah, did I mention that the front part pops off and it is a little dustbuster?!?!  I just grab it real quick, whip around the kitchen, under the table, the living room and bam done!  Plus Axel thinks it’s a game and follows me around as I get all the food tossed off the table by Sylvie and AJ.  Vivian loves it because she is big enough that she can use it, so see my floor is cleaner because she wants to use it too!

Have a great week!




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