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Gracewear Collection

Check out this new purpose filled jewelry from Gracewear Collection!  My favorites are the Long Linked Necklace, the Cuff Bracelet and the Banded Ring.  Tracie has a post all about it here!


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We are back…

So yeah, it’s summer and we have been busy…fun busy, crazy busy and hectic busy.  Some days have been fabulous!  Some days have been awful and some days have been messy.  But, we pull it back together and start new each morning.

Psalm 23:3 NLT

He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name.

Girls Enjoying a Walk Together







Oops!  Trying to multi-task and put formula in the coffee filter.







He loves to swing!












Lots has happened in terms of milestones for our house.  Sylvie and Amelia turned three and are potty trained.  Axel is one (blog post on his party to come hopefully soon)!  Vivian is finishing her last summer before real school…Kindergarten this fall and learning to ride her bike without training wheels!  We have been up north, used our share of chalk outside and enjoyed the sprinkler.  Summer is going way to fast as we check off items on our Summer bucket list!

Our trip up north!





































Sprinklers, Puddles and Chalk





















She traced everyone’s body except Axel, she said he doesn’t sit still enough.  Then she gave us clothes and faces!












He was not into the cake but his sisters and friends loved it!









Three years old, I can’t believe it!












Amelia had her tonsils and adenoids out…it went well and Big Sis was there to make sure AJ had enough popsicles.












Lots of smoothies being made…recipes to come!












I Mustache You a Question!  One of my favorite pics!  Way to go Daddy on getting the fun mustache’s!












Great Links This Week!

  • Great post from Sally on ideas for little kids when you are on the go!
  • An encouraging word from Kat for Moms!
  • LOVE these pictures from Pioneer Woman!  Sylvie was just telling daddy yesterday that she wants a horse that she can ride on…I think she will enjoy looking at these.
  • Fun summer calendar from Melissa and Doug

Have a Blessed Day!

More to come soon, I promise!

xo Marisa


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