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A couple of fun last minute activities with the kids, a crazy virus that brought us to the ER with our little guy, and organizing the closets…just some of the things filling our days as we bid summer good-bye!

A trip up north with cousins!

kids TC









Finishing up our bucket list for the summer!  So glad we did this…on days when I did not have anything planned this gave us ideas and added excitement for the kids.













Face painting!  A friend and her artsy daughter brought this over a couple of weeks ago and the girls loved it and begged me to buy some.  I picked it up at the store and it was a hit!













DOTS!!!  They love using these, it is a great change-up from markers and crayons!  Just a note: they are not washable so the girls have colorful hands after.












I have come across some great links this week so here they are!

We send our oldest to Kindergarten on Tuesday!!!

Here she is at open house!












Enjoy the long weekend and thinking of you as the school year gets underway!

xo Marisa

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Last days of summer…

We are enjoying the last days of summer before school begins.  Vivian is off to Kindergarten while Sylvie and Amelia start preschool.  They are all excited, nervous and ready…so am I!  We have had a wonderful summer filled with playdates, trips up north and great times outside and to the park.  I think we are all ready for what is next!












Just a few links today of things that are interesting, good reads and things that may help out as school begins.

The current book I am reading that I cannot put down is: One Thousand White Women: The Journals of Mary Dodd by Jim Fergus.  A friend recommended it to me and I was hesitant because it is pretty long…but so glad I started it because it is a great read!









A couple pictures from the end of summer!

Three pirates and a man overboard…don’t mind the laundry in the chair that needs to be folded!












Daddy took his girls on a date while I had a date with Axel.













Enjoy the rest of summer!



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