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on September 19, 2013

This is part of Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday.  I have read them each Friday for over a year and decided to type one up this week…here goes!









She has taught me what it means to love with all your heart and how unconditional love works.  She amazes me, teaches me, makes me laugh and gives me grace.  She is an answer to my many prayers for a child and she made me a mom!  I try to get in all the hugs and cuddles I can because I know one day they won’t be so easy to get.  My girl turning 6 in 15 days…she told me yesterday to just start calling her “birthday girl”!  The weeks are starting to go by faster and I miss her lots as full day school has begun.  I catch myself worrying if I am teaching her what she needs to know for when she is out in the world without mom.  Then I remember that He has her covered and He will guide her!  My first one is making her way and spreading her wings!

























Thanks for stopping by!

xo Marisa

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4 responses to “She

  1. hannahjiejie says:

    I just LOVE six year olds… what personality they have… savor the next 365 days, they will be some of the best!

  2. cassyb73 says:

    Oh, this was so sweet, and I totally relate to the worry of wondering if you are “momming” just right, but how the pressure’s off when we realize God “has her covered.” Thanks for sharing and for stopping by mine and leaving your encouraging comment. God bless you.~Cassandra, visiting from Five Minute Friday.

  3. Desireé says:

    Umm thanks for making me cry!

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Dena Chapman says:

    I love that line, “I try to get in all the hugs and cuddles I can because I know one day they won’t be so easy to get.” Oh, I hear you! My oldest is 16 and will be off to college in two years and that is EXACTLY what I’m trying to do! LOL! Yes, indeed, our loving God is covering your angel (and mine too) out there in this big ole’ world and I thank Him everyday for His protection. Thank you for sharing your heart- your daughter 🙂 Peace & Blessings, Dena @ http://www.lifeafterbreath00.com

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