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Hello there!

on July 28, 2014

So many days I have thought about jumping on here and then the day gets away from me.  Then, after putting the kids to bed I fall into bed if I haven’t already fallen asleep in one their beds!

We have moved to another state, away from family and friends and it has been a transition.  With two and a half months gone by we are settled in, had lots of company from home and are enjoying the last weeks of summer!

A few things to share after a long break:

Books I have enjoyed-

Karma Gone Bad by Jenny Feldon is a quick read filled with wit and honesty!












Am I Messing Up My Kids by Lysa TerKeurst is filled with stories, wisdom and scripture.












Blog posts I have enjoyed-

Life Lessons and Empty Bobbins…this was a great post and I love how sewing was used for a life lesson!

A post on Running and God from I Take Joy.

Yoga…it has helped me stay grounded!

good morning yoga











A little encouragement to start off your week!

photo 3











Have a happy week!

xo Marisa




One response to “Hello there!

  1. Alma says:

    Hi Marisa ~ So good to hear from you and hope you are getting back to normal, whatever that is. How is Kevin doing? One of my favorite sayings is “If He leads me to it He will see me through it”. So your last message (You are more courageous than you think) made me think of it. So keep up the good fight Marisa you have a lot of people counting on you, some you don’t even know. Love, hugs and kisses too, grams

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