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Fall Sickies!

on November 10, 2014

The leaves are falling and the temps are dropping…my favorite time of year.  Unless all the kids are sick and have short fuses with one another.  Then I need to get creative and get everyone calmed down!


I have been dabbling in essential oils again and so I brought those out today to help with the sickies going around our house.  The kids are enjoying the foot rubs and the smells coming out of the diffuser.  Check out my Pinterest page on essential oils!

IMG_5916 (2)

Here are some of my favorite go to’s for oils lately!


I look up the symptom on this sheet and pick the oil I think will work best.  I check to see if the oil needs to be diluted and if so I take the oil I need and mix it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or Young Living’s V6 oil.  Most times I rub the oil or mixture of oils onto the bottom of the kids feet or the back of their neck.

Lately we have been using lavender a lot…Last week Sylvie fell and scraped up her knee bad, I wiped it off with a wet towel and then applied lavender oil directly onto it.  It soothed it and she said it didn’t hurt anymore.  I cut my finger a couple days ago and after wiping it off I applied lavender oil to the cut and it helped with the healing.  Here are some more great uses for lavender!

Then I decided to try to make my own detangling spray.  We go through so much of this with three girls that have Rapunzel like hair!  I used this recipe from Wellness Mama and I love the way I could personalize the scents to what the girls like.  Just a side note I did double the recipe so I could have a bottle of it in a few places around the house.


My mom lives out of state so I had to make chicken noodle soup for the first time.  Will see what the kids think when we eat dinner tonight.  I found some great recipes here!


Time to get back to my nursing duties!

xo Marisa


One response to “Fall Sickies!

  1. Alma says:

    How sweet Marisa, I love hearing how you are doing with your multi-taskng job. Sounds like you are doing okay and your soup looks yummy. I can give you a tried and true little tidbit of info regarding colds and especially coughing ones: Rub Vicks vapo-rub on the bottom of their feet when they go to bed at night, works like a charm. LOL – Grams

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