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It’s Almost Summer Break Here!


Will Summer Break get here already?!

My oldest has 5 1/2 days of school left, while my preschoolers have 4 half days of school left. We are all waiting in anticipation for the first days of summer!

With more time in our days and summer break coming up I have a secret mission.  it is for our family to slow down and savor more each day. It has to be a secret because the minute I tell them we are doing less and staying home more they will start complaining, whining and asking if we can go somewhere.  See, I have four kids that love to go places. Well this summer we are going to go less and stay more!

Breakfast the first day of summer break will be this yummy and fun dish. With more morning time we will not be rushing off to start our day which we are all happy about. Check out Weelicious for other kid friendly recipes.


Fun activities for summer besides running in the sprinkler, chalkfest in the driveway and riding bikes are everywhere on the web. Here are a few that jumped out at us…

This awesome bucket list to work on all summer!

magic word activity great for a rainy day! I also like that the little ones can just use the white crayon for whatever they want to draw on their page before painting.

This fun dice and sight word activity for when the littles are sleeping and you need something for your 4-6 year old.

Getting messy and cooking with the kids. Here is a list of some ideas.

Making some sidewalk chalk paint to change up the outside fun.

If you are already on Summer Break enjoy every second…we can’t wait to join you!








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