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Fresh Reads


The snow has me reading, cuddling with the kids, cooking, and gazing out the window at the piles and piles of snow!

Some fresh reads I came across in the few days:

  • Looking for a yoga mat spray…found this quick read with other essential oil uses.
  • 10 Things Fit, Healthy People Do Differently Every Day
  • New Favorite Fitness Website and Fitness App
  • Using these for my winter runs after the last two snow storms!
  • Need a quick yoga practice check out this awesome blog called Yoga By Candace.  She also offers challenges each month which are perfect for beginners, seasoned or advanced yogis.
  • Inspiring story here!
  • Recipe of the day!  I made two batches the first time and just pulled this out of the freezer for dinner!  I am going to add some roasted potatoes with a veggie.

Enjoy and stay warm!

xo- Marisa


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