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Some of my favorite things…

Just a quick list that I will continue to update of some of my favorite things!

Meyer’s Countertop Spray and Meyer’s Cleaning Solution – once the countertop spray is gone you can refill the bottle with the cleaning solution concentrate and water.  I love the scent and I can use this on all my surfaces.

Parchment Paper – I have been using this for everything I put in the oven lately.  Roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, cookies, veggie burgers and the list goes on.  I don’t have time nor do I want to scrub the pan…this makes for easy clean-up!

Aveda Hand Relief – One of the best hand lotions out there…this one does have a light scent.

Shea Moisture Baby Lotion – I have used this on my kids since they were born and I love it.  It has a very unique smell that I like and is subtle enough for baby.

Favorite lightweight vacuum – Love this…helps keep the floor so much cleaner!

Essential Oils – I have been using oils for about 4 months and they help so much with kids scrapes, colds, PMS, uplifting moods, reducing stress.

Vegan Protein Powder – I love this stuff!  I add it to smoothies, almond milk and the kids like it mixed in with their milk when they have cereal.



2 responses to “Some of my favorite things…

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  2. […] So yes I am going to blog about a vacuum…one of the main reasons I enjoy doing the blog is to share what is making life a bit easier for us in hopes that it helps make someone else’s life a bit easier too!  Yes, I am adding it to my favorites page. […]

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