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Nesting & Busy Bags!

Whether it’s an old wives’ tale or it is truth I have a serious case of NESTING!  We are five weeks away from meeting our little guy and I am getting everything in order from closets to bedrooms to the garage and our vehicles.  I feel like it has been weeks since I have posted a blog and I miss it terribly.  The nesting, the lost camera, and a serious cold for mommy has lead to time away.  I feel like I am on the mend, the camera has been found and I needed to make a post!

The busy bag exchange was fun my oldest is 4 and she loves the many bags she can pull out and do.  The younger two are 22 months and just want to toss everything around but maybe soon they will be interested.  I will post pics of the bags we got in the next post…the bags we got really are neat!

For the 20 bags I made I purchased all the craft supplies at JoAnn Fabrics and then bought a laminator from Amazon.com.  The one I got can be found here.  It was relatively inexpensive and does the job great!


I found the idea for the color wheels here.  I printed the color wheel from the link provided in the blog but I made my own directions since I did only the color wheel and not the counting wheel.

I painted the clothes pins for each bag and let them dry.  Then I printed out the color wheel and laminated and cut that out.  Each bag included directions, the color wheel and six colored clothes pins.


























I found the idea for the cupcakes here.  The template to cut out all the pieces can be found when you click on the blog link.  I cut out the felt pieces, printed the directions and put the bags together.  This is a fun bag, but I have to warn you it is a lot of cutting.  Each bag had the directions, 4 cupcakes forms, 4 liners, 4 frostings  and 10 each of the hearts, marshmallows and chocolate kisses.


























I have been reading a lot lately on this neat blog app on my phone called: FeeddlerRSS and have a lot of links I want to share.  I will include some in this post and some in the next post.

  • A recipe we are going to try for a snack or breakfast option found at The Vegan Mom.  We are going to try ours with a gluten-free flour and see how they come out.
  • A wonderful post by Lysa TerKeurst about our daughters teaching us about friendship.  Loved the wisdom in this post.
  • A new blog I found that I enjoy reading…she’s so honest and is filled with a lot of great ideas!  Plus this post I linked to is about mommy stuff and a book recommendation!  The Gypsy Mama.
  • I want to make these for the girls rooms.  Rain Gutter Bookshelves.  I found another version of this but I did not save the link…if I find it I will forward it on the pictures are really great.











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