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Busy Bags Finale

The Busy Bag Exchange turned out great…so many bags for the kids filled with creative little projects.  Vivian is enjoying them a lot.  Sylvie and Amelia not so much yet.  Sylvie tosses everything around and really is not that interested.  Amelia focuses on one thing and does it over and over which is great for her development plus it is fun to watch.  After writing the post about what bags I made, I took out all the busy bags and we sat on the floor and used them again.  It was fun to watch the girls minds working as they were figuring things out.

Pictures of what we got at the exchange are below with a brief description.

Clothes Pin Number Match

Each clothes pin matches with a number on the disc.  This focuses on counting and fine motor skills.








Number Flip Book

This book is great for number recognition.  We have also used it in other math activities we have done.
























Color Matching

Match the color of the egg to the shell.  Great for teaching colors.








Picture Puzzle

A fun puzzle for kids.  The back have corresponding numbers to help.
















Shape Sorter

The twins love this one.  They like putting the little objects in the container.








Clothes Line

Great for fine motor skills.

















Each sheet is a new pattern.  All the pieces are included plus more to make your own pattern on the blank sheets.








Pipe Cleaner Fun

For younger kids- put a pipe cleaner in each hole.  For older kids- put the pipe cleaner in the hole that matches in color.








Amelia LOVED this one!  She was concentrating so hard to get them in the container.








Sylvie moved on to the guitar…she does love music!








Shape Matching

Match the shapes by clipping the clothes pin to the corresponding stick.  Great for fine motor skills and shape recognition.
















I Spy…

The bottle has rice in it and the items shown in the picture.  Find the items by moving the bottle around.  Vivian enjoys this one.   I am thinking about making a few more bottle for her.  It is relatively easy to make and she enjoys the challenge of searching for the objects.








Color Matching

Match the color to the object.  This is good for color recognition and learning the spelled word for each color.








Seems pretty easy to make.  Take a deck of cards and cut them in half for simple puzzles.








Color Sorter

Put each object on the left into the corresponding color slot in the blue ice cube tray.  Great for sorting.









So many great ideas…we enjoyed our first busy bag exchange!

Have a great one!



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