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What’s For Dinner?

Super busy and trying to get a lot done in a little bit of time?  That’s us too!  So, I have been trying to figure out healthy, quick meals that I can make at home for my family.  I have been using the crock-pot a lot lately and trying to find some new dishes that my family likes.  I want to share a couple recipes each week that have worked for us.  I have some picky eaters so, I sometimes make little changes to the recipes, but for the most part they will eat some part of what I make.

Earlier this week I made this recipe.  My husband said pot roast sounded good for a meal this week when I asked him for ideas.  I found this at the store, bought the meat, some potatoes and carrots along with an onion and that’s it.  I put it all in the crock pot for 8 hours and dinner was served.  My girls and I are not really meat eaters but the house smelled so good and my husband thought it was very tasty!  The ingredients were pretty clean with no corn syrup or hydrogenated yuck.












Another quick recipe I make weekly is put a pound of chicken in the crock pot top it with salsa and a little bit of water and let it simmer for 6-8 hours.  You can then use this for just about anything.  My girls love it plain, sometimes we make nachos out of it and once I made a yummy, healthy chicken salad the next day.  This dish is usually sugar free, gluten free and soy free.  Check your salsa to be sure because that’s where those things would be hiding out. Sometimes I use regular salsa and sometimes salsa verde.  In the batch below I used salsa verde.  After it was cooked I just shredded it with a fork.












Next What’s For Dinner post will have Pasta Bake and Lemon Chicken!





Oatmeal, Parenting and Links

Overnight Crock Pot Oatmeal








I awoke to a house filled with the scent of cinnamon and breakfast already made.  That’s a good start to the day!  I just love this oatmeal.  It is so yummy and perfect for a cold morning.  I have been playing around with this recipe for a couple of weeks and here it is:

1 cup Steel Cut Oats

2 cups Water

2 cups Almond Milk (unsweetened)

1/2 cup Raisins

2 teaspoons Vanilla

Cinnamon to taste

Lightly coat the Crock Pot with cooking spray for easier clean up.  Toss the ingredients into the Crock Pot and stir.  Cover and cook for 8-10 hours.








In the morning scoop out your serving, top with any fruit, nuts or yogurt.  If I need added sweetness I put a few drops of liquid Stevia on top and stir it in.








If I use yogurt on my oatmeal I use Coconut Milk yogurt.  So yummy and then I don’t have to add any Stevia.








If there is any oatmeal left, make sure it has cooled and then put it in the fridge.

**I use a large Crock Pot but you can use a smaller Crock Pot just know the ratio for the oats to liquid.  If you use 1/2 cup oats you would only need 2 cups of liquid.  The first time I made it I used 2 cups of oats and 8 cups of liquid but realized that made so much and we could not eat it all before it was no longer good.


My Newest Revelation in Parenting

My sweet 4 year-old is a great kid, yet we have our moments.  She loves to negotiate everything, whine if she is not getting her way and full-out sob if she hears no when she wants to hear yes.  I felt frustrated and left wondering what I could do better as a mom.  When I feel I am lacking in something I set out to do research.  So I began reading books, blogs, and articles about parenting and child behaviors.  I came across a great book that I am currently reading that has changed our days in some amazing ways.  Loving Our Kids On Purpose by Danny Silk is a wonderful book about having loving connections with your kids, teaching them to make good choices, and practicing self-control all while having peace in the home.  I have started to implement some of the ideas he gives in the book and they are working wonders.  The fits, crying, and whining have slowed down a lot and there is more peace in our day.  One of the main things I am doing is not reacting to her actions.  I cannot control my child just like I cannot control what the guy in the next car at the stop light is doing.  I can guide her and love her and respond to her, but not react.  She has enough emotion in the situation that bringing my emotion into it will only make the matter worse.  I can let her know when she is done with her fit, whining or crying I am here for her and I will respond to what she needs or is asking.  Also, I have been giving her two choices…both being acceptable choices.  I am empowering her to make good choices and she feels confident that she can choose.  It is interesting to watch the dynamic change and to see the days calmer and to not get worked up.











A great read on marriage I found from Elizabeth Koss: I Still Think Children Are Good For a Marriage

A tasty Valentine’s Day Treat from 100 Days of Real Food

A great site for quilting I found as I contemplate wanting to learn how to sew on a machine Handmade by Alissa

Have a day filled with blessings!



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